Imagine David Lynch meets Abbott and Costello with a hefty dose of the Golden Girls. Or Beckett meets vaudeville. Camel Camel, an original show by Glitter Gizzard is a kaleidoscopic vaudeville­-esque revue inspired by the absurdist poetry of a falsely accused Ukrainian prisoner in the 1920s, Oleg Navolska, and his surreal depiction of the grotesquely pulchritudinous “Camel Sisters”.

While awaiting his death sentence, he wrote about the sisters to escape his tragic circumstance. Camel Camel explores the outrageous reality of these two eccentrics, which becomes a world unto itself. Their vaudevillian antics are interrupted by the worm eating Navolska from the inside out, and as it turns on them, they realize that perhaps they don’t exist at all, or at least not anymore. BUT it’s a comedy with original musical numbers!

Camel Camel uses elements of bouffon, clown, physical comedy, vaudeville, and gender bending to lurch through macabre, imagined worlds in a cascading theatrical event that poetically confronts the reality of death asking: “How can we be beginning and ending all at once?”

Will your grandma like it? Only if she’s cool. Come on down!

Written and performed by Janessa Johnsrude and Meghan Frank

Creative Consultant: Mooky Corish (http://mooky.eu)

Costumes: Lynnie Horrigan

Sound Design: Cory Goldman (www.corygoldman.net)